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Who gives a Crap about footy

Umm...... WE DO!

Here is an easy little footy decoration to do with the kids, just in time to show your support for your favourite team when footy season begins this weekend.

Footy Beanies

For this project you'll need:

Yarn - About 40 pieces of yarn, each cut about 12 inches long

Toilet paper rolls

Facial Tissue - Most brands have 2 layers of tissues, pull them apart and use one layer per hat so there isn't too much bulk.

Scissors - Nice sharp ones to cut through the yarn.

Step 1 - Cut the toilet paper roll

Cut the toilet paper roll into 4 even segments. You can get about 4 one inch segments out of one roll. It may look a little squashed when you cut it, but that goes away once the yarn is applied.

Step 2 - Start putting the yarn on

It's easy to put the yarn on the toilet paper roll.

1. Take one piece of yarn and match the two cut ends, forming a "U" on one end. Feed the "U" part of the yarn through the center of the toilet paper roll.

2. Feed the other ends of the yarn through the "U", wrapping the yarn around the toilet paper roll.

3. Pull snugly so a knot forms on one edge of the roll.

Step 3 - Finish wrapping the yarn

Continue wrapping in the color pattern of your choice.

Cover the entire toilet paper roll with yarn. Don't skimp here or you may be able to see the roll and that doesn't look so nice.

Shake out the strings and untangle any that might need it. It should look a little bit like a jellyfish at this point.

Step 4 - Feed the yarn through the center

  1. Gather the yarn with one hand and hold the tissue roll with the other. Twist the bunch of yarn.

  2. Push the twist through the center of the toilet paper roll.

  3. Pull out all of the yarn through the center.

  4. Pull gently and untangle any yarn that needs it.

Step 5 - Tie off and form the hat pom pom

Finishing off the hat ornament.

  1. Gather the yarn together and, using a piece of yarn in a coordinating color, tie the bunch together. Make sure to knot it securely.

  2. Take one of the pieces of the facial tissue you split earlier, crumple it up and put it inside the hat.

  3. Decide how long you want the pompoms to be and, using sharp scissors, cut off the excess yarn. You may need to trim it to even it out or make it a bit shorter.

  4. Fluff up the yarn pompom.

Step 6 - Add the hanger

To add a hanger, just get a piece of yarn, tie it once around the bunch of yarn, securing with a knot. Then decide how long you want your hanger to be and tie the two ends together. Make sure to double knot it so it doesn't come loose. You can also tie it in a bow.

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